Virchow 2.0: From intervention to prevention

Virchow 2.0, the only finalist from Berlin to make it to the second round of the BMBF’s Clusters4Future competition, is entering the conception phase. At a kick-off meeting on September 27, 2021, participants from the scientific, clinical, and business communities offered a preview of their cluster strategy.


Dear colleagues,

Virchow 2.0 kick-off registration is open!

The meeting will take place on Monday September 27, 2021 as a hybrid event at the Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus in Berlin Mitte

You can register for on line or on site attendance and consult the agenda at the following link:

We are using the match-making tool b2match to facilitate networking during the day. When you register, thank you for completing your profile carefully even if you are not planning to take part in 1:1 meetings. You can also offer market place items. Information provided (about your areas of expertise, spin-off and tech transfer interests, R&D collaboration opportunities, etc.) would be very useful for further match-making activities during the upcoming cluster conception phase.

A limited number of participants will be allowed on site and almost the whole day can be attended virtually via Zoom (with the exception of the parallel breakout sessions and final get together only accessible as onsite participant). Please only register as onsite participant if you are willing to come onsite on Sep 27th. In case the event will be overbooked with onsite attendees, we will prioritize ” most active” participants (i.e. attending the full event, proposing a pitch and/or engaging in one of the breakout sessions and 1:1 meetings).

We hope many of you will use this opportunity to network with the growing Virchow 2.0 community, pitch and discuss first ideas for the cluster implementation, etc.

Best regards,

The Virchow 2.0 cluster core team 

Nikolaus Rajewsky (speaker), Tim Conrad, Angelika Eggert, Thomas Gazlig, Marie Vidal